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> The most beautiful volcanos satellite images ! The most beautiful volcanos satellite images

Volcan in eruption : Semeru      - Volcanos| Oceania -

Place : Java, Indonesia.

Type : stratovolcano.

Description : The Semeru volcano, 12000 feet (3676 m) high, is in permanent eruption since 1967. Semeru is also the highest mountain of the Java area. This volcano produces several explosions per hour.

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Volcan in eruption : Semeru

"Vulcano" volcano      - Volcanos| -

Place : Iles éoliennes.

Description : The island of Vulcano presents four volcanic mounts individualized, south to north: del Piano, the complex of Lentia will caldeira, Vulcano Fossa (the active volcano, 985 feet - 300 m). The Fossa vulcano has a 1640 feet (500 m) diameter, its last eruption occurred in 1886 during three years.

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Vulcano volcano

Vesuvius mount      - Volcanos| -

Place : Naples.

Description : Vesuvius is an Italian volcano of 4200 feet (1281 m) height, bordering bay of Naples. It was responsible, on August 24, 1979 of the Christian era, the destruction of the Pompéi town, Herculanum and Stabies, buried under a rain of ashes and mud which where preserved.
Few cities as Naples also developed close to active volcanos.

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Vesuvius mount

Baitoushan volcano      - Volcanos| China -

Place : Changbai mount, east China.

Description : The last eruption date of the Baitoushan (or Changbaishan) volcano is 1050. It culminates to 9000 feet (2744 m). At the top, is the volcanic Tianchi lake, 7070 feet (2155 m) altitude. It covers a surface of 9,2 km ² and its depth reaches up to 1220 feet (373 m) in certain places.

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Baitoushan volcano

Manam volcano      - Volcanos| Oceania -

Place : Madang, New-Guinea.

Description : The Manam volcanic island is located close to the northern coast of New Guinea in the province of Madang. The volcano occupe all the central part of the island and some villages are located on the coasts. The Manam volcano is one of most active in New Guinea.

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Manam volcano

Momotombo volcano      - Volcanos| Nicaragua -

Place : Managua lake, Managua.

Description : The Momotombo volcano 4200 feet (1280 m) is the symbol of Nicaragua with its little brother Momotombito bathing in the Lake Managua. Momotombo is always active, and this activity generates energy to the Geothermal power station installed to its feet.

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Momotombo volcano

Rangitoto Island volcano     - Volcanos| Oceania -

Place : Rangitoto island, Hauraki gulf.

Description : The Rangitoto island 850 feet (259 m) was a volcano in eruption 600 years before, it is extinct today. Rangitoto island is uninhabited (ten house), excursions are organized there. The Rangitoto island consists of volcanic rocks which did not prevented the development of vetetation.

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Rangitoto Island volcano

Saint-helen mount      - Volcanos | USA -

Place : Chain Cascades , Washington.

Description : The 1980-03-27, after more than one century of rest, the St-Helen mount awoke. Following a strong seism, all the northern side of the volcano broke down and caused a remains avalanche of 2 km3.
Before its last eruption which took place the 18/05/1980, it was 9680 feet (2950 m) height. The eruption made lose 1310 feet (400 m) of altitude to the origin height (8360 feet - 2549 m) which dug a broad crater (or caldeira) as a horseshoe, deep of 1970 feet (600 m).

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Saint-helen mount

Lanzarote     - Volcanos | Canary Islands -

Place : Las Palmas.

Description : Lanzarote is characterized by the volcanic cover which extends along all the surface of the island. Its great volcanic activity from the XVIIIème century beginnings lets discover us a sumptuous craters of variable sizes.

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Barcena     - Volcanos | Mexico -

Place : San Benedicto, Revillagigedo islands.

Description : Barcena is an active volcano which was formed during eruptions which took place in 1952 and 1953 on the San Benedicto island . It is now the climax of the Revillagigedo islands.

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Bromo mount      - Volcanos | Oceania -

Place : Java, Indonesia.

Type : caldeira.

Description : The Bromo caldeira (7640 feet - 2329 m) is among the most beautiful in the world. This volcano is venerated by the hindouist people "Tengger" which live in this area. After ten years of sleep, the Bromo volcano awoke in March 1995. One more important working life then began, with, in particular, the eruptions of ashes clouds, as we can see it on this sight, accompanied of a strong seismic activity.

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Bromo mount

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