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Contest of kite    - Strange | -

Place : Cervia.

Description : It is in Cervio that was held the STACK EuroCup 2005, European championship of lifting kite.

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Concours de cerf-volants

Car accident    - Strange | Germany -

Place : Reusrath.

Description : Small car accident with a vehicle in combustion. We can observe a 1.25 mile (2 km) stopper.

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Car accident

Shopping with MIG-21 ?     - Strange | Germany -

Place : Elsey.

Description : Here is a MIG-21 stationed in a supermarket not far from Elsey in Germany.

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Shopping with MIG-21 ?

A little-town in a town    - Strange | Netherlands -

Place : 's-Gravenhage.

Description : This miniature city is a reproduction (1:25) of a Dutch city. All the component of a city are represented there: the airport, channel, train.

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A little-town in a town

Humain draw     - Strange | Australia -

Place : Hermit Hill, South Australia.

Description : 2.2 mile (1.5 km) length draw representing a man.

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Humain draw

"haute couture" island     - Strange | USA -

Place : Thousand Islands, Everglades, Florida.

Description : This island located near to the Florida coast seems to be repaired, you will observe the seams still present. They form the largest mangroves estuary in the world.

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Ile de haute couture

A plane on a building roof in New York    - Strange | USA -

Place : New York.

Description : This plane is situated not far from the WTC ground 0, on a building. The landing seems rather complicated.

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A plane on a building roof in New York

Alone in the Lake     - Strange | China -

Place : Beijing, China.

Description : Here the only solution to be quiet in the country the more populated in the world (1 300.000.000 people).

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Alone in the Lake

A police force stopping in Paris    - Strange | France -

Place : Rue du Mont Thabor, Paris (75).

Description : Notice this national police car across the road. A police officer seems posted on the left side of his car.

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A police force stopping in Paris

The Nazca lines : parrot    - Strange | Peru -

Place : San José, valley of the Large River.

Description : Discovered in 1930, the Nazca lines are composed of approximately 300 giant size drawings . According to the specialist in géoglyphes Maria Reiche, these symbols were drawn by the people to communicate with their gods of their hunting activity . Other theory go in the direction of the UFO phenomenon. Intended to be seen by sky, this bird has more than 2000 years. Its conservation is due to the geological structure of these plains.

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The Nazca lines : parrot

Matrix in Toronto     - Strange | Canada -

Place : Toronto.

Description : The Toronto town seems to return little by little in the Matrix.
To see : the scene place of the highway in the Matrix movie.

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Matrix in Toronto

Pac-Man in a field    - Strange | England -

Place : Grazeley.

Description : Giant Pacman drawn by a farmer in his field.

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Pac-Man in a field

Shadoks returns !     - Strange | England -
[27/07/2006] Par Bernard P.

Place : Bulford Barracks.

Description : Drawn on the ground, this 395 feet (120 m) length shadok proves to us that they succeeded in well in reaching the Earth: their main goal!

Like says it the Shadok saying: "If there is no solution, there is no problem".

The umbrella for dry time
Shadok invention:
"The umbrella for dry time".

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Shadoks returns !

A jet parked in the carpark of a school !     - Strange | France -
[27/07/2006] Par sebnutt

Place : Ville-D'Avray (92).

Description : In the carpark of a school, this jet seems to have problems of parking in this miniature airport.

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A jet parked in the carpark of a school

A freeze phantom !     - Strange | Iceland -

Place : Vatnajökull.

Description : Vatnajökull is the largest glacier of Iceland. It is in the south-east of Iceland. With its approximately surface of 8 100 km ², 8% of the surface of Iceland disappear under its cap. The ice has a maximum thickness of 3280 feet (1 000 m). This glacier was formed 2500 years ago.

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A freeze phantom

3 hidden planes     - Strange | France -

Place : Brétigny-Sur-Orge (91).

Description : One of the cradle of French aviation. The Center of the Flight tests (CEV) built in 1938, is one of most important in the world.

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3 hidden planes

Hidden plane in the thickets     - Strange | France -

Place : Brétigny-Sur-Orge (91).

Description : The European agency for air control (EUROPCONTROL) mask this plane which is ready to takeoff on the 4 km length track (2nd the largest in France) located in lower part. This track is in addition easily flooded "when it is necessary".

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Hidden plane in the thickets

The hidden face of the mountain    - Strange | USA -

Place : Death Valley.

Description : The Death Valley National park (or Death Valley) is located at the east of the Sierra Nevada in California. It is an arid park and it contains the greatest desert relief of the United States continental part. The bottom of the valley of Death is with more than 300 feet (90 m) under the sea level. Since the death valley formation, the area underwent at least four periods of volcanicity.

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The hidden face of the mountain

Pink rabbit    - Strange | -

Place : Artesina, Piémonte.

Description : Created by a group of Vienna artists, this pink rabbit measures 215 feet (60 m) length. This work should still remain until 2025 on this mountain.

Lapin rose géant

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Pink rabbit

Giant Pineapple    - Strange | USA -

Place : Hawaii.

Description : This labyrinth has the characteristic to be entirely made up of pineapple plantation. Located in the exploitation "Dole".

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Giant Pineapple

Race of dragsters     - Strange | England -

Place : Hinwick.

Description : Santa Pod is a high place of dragsters races in Europe since 1966. There is 50 events per year there.

Course de dragsters

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Race of dragsters

Aquiculture    - Strange | Spain -

Place : Alcossebre.

Description : The aquiculture is the culture of fish, molluscs and fresh or watery salted water plants. The aquiculture is during watery of agriculture. We raises a livestock of marine animals there in order to market them.

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Amphitheatre in the middle of the road     - Strange | Bulgaria -

Place : Plovdiv.

Description : The Plovdiv theatre , built during the Roman period, seem to have forgotten its true place.

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Amphitheatre in the middle of the road

Text on a moutain in Afghanistan     - Strange | Afghanistan -
[16/06/2006] - Thanks to the Golshane association for the translation.

Place : Province de Kaboul.

Description : Translation of this text : "Police force ".

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Text on a moutain in Afghanistan

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